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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fridge repair.

VT9 thermostat
Just to prove that I can be boring about more than one subject... I fixed my fridge/ freezer the other day. After visiting I was able to diagnose the problem. In my case the fridge was no longer getting cold. After hot wiring the compressor avoiding the thermostat I found that the fridge came on and I knew that I had a faulty "stat". A quick check on ebay and I was able to get a replacement one for £11 including p and p. Whats more it arrived the next day. Thanks to ace-machine-man for excellent service

After this diy repair exercise I know a lot more about fridges than ever before and I will probably share this info in the future. In particular I have fallen in love with our 26 year old fridge freezer. Before I worked out that I could fix it I looked at replacing the whole thing and I was struggling to find a modern fridge freezer that came close to matching its capabilities. More about the last of the pre Whirlpool Bauknecht fridge freezer at a later date perhaps.

If you ever have a white goods problem or if you are considering investing in a new bit of kit check out the ukwhitegoods forum you could save yourself a small fortune.

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