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Thursday, May 15, 2008

EastEnders to end.

The end of EastEnders. Wow I'd love to see that statement in the news. The thing that worries me is that this UK soap will run and run forever. What a ghastly thought. Occasionally I wonder how I might put a stop to it, killing the entire cast or blowing up the set. Unfortunately those actions would result in my spending rather a long time in prison. Whats more a cast can easily be replaced or a set rebuilt. There must be a way of putting a stop to this awful and pointless television series.

Obviously while millions of people watch it every week the BBC is happy with the status quo. However I do not think that the point of the BBC is to churn out a particular soap opera forever. Especially one that seems unable to capture what London is actually like or even portray anything which might pass as a convincing character or storyline.

So I say end EastEnders. By all means replace it with some other soap opera but face the fact EastEnders time has taken its course. Two decades is long enough.

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