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Friday, May 9, 2008

Charles Kennedy fails to turn up.

Charles Kennedy I am a big fan of Mr Kennedy and I have to admit that I'm a bit worried about him not turning up for Radio 4's Any Questions? this evening. Dimbleby made a big thing about how the program had bent over backwards to allow Mr Kennedy to contribute by setting up a telephone link to the program, after Mr Kennedy had apparently missed his train, only for him not to turn up.

Doubtless there will be speculation in the press. I just hope everything is ok as I'd really like to see Mr Kennedy back in politics at a high level asap. I still have a list of the Lib Dem MPs who sent him the letter that ended his leadership of the party. A list of traitors. Interesting how many of them subsequently stood for leadership. Sad how they managed to effectively write the party off just when it was starting to make an impression.


  1. Traitors? But wasn't he pissed? (American readers: that means "very drunk" to us in the UK)

    He needed help, and there was no way he could recover while in that job. Colleagues who wanted to prop him up as a popular figurehead for their party regardless of his alcohol problem are surely the reprehensible ones.

    (PS Picts, I am your only contributor and am likely to remain so indefinitely. Do you want me to post under different names to make you look more popular?)

  2. Yes please! Also put a link onto your most excellent youtube page.