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Friday, May 9, 2008

Bush- Clinton- Bush- Clinton?

Hilary Clinton Barack Obama If I were an American Democrat having trouble deciding about the nomination I would bear in mind the consequences of having two families taking turns to hold presidential office. The two term rule for a president is constitutionally an excellent idea and the people who instigated it had very good reasons for doing so. The USA is not exactly a small place and has no shortage of very tallented people so why is it that two families are governing the place?

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  1. A thought-provoking post indeed James. It does make one shudder when one realises how casually we accept the incestousness of the governance of the most powerful western nation.

    ...The Kennedys...G, GW and Jeb Bush

    Happens here too to a lesser extent...the Benns, Churchill... I'm sure that plenty of other lower-profile MPs have MP uncles or Grandads. (Boris Arsehole has political ancestors?)

    Then there's Pakistan with the Bhuttos...I'm sure the list goes on and on.

    There's something fishy about this democracy business isn't there?