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Friday, August 8, 2014

Spore Will not load on Steam Windows XP solution.

Spore won't load after being installed by steam. You'll find this a lot on forums but nothing by way of a solution, at least not one that worked for me.

Got it working in the end though and here is what I did.

My OS Windows XP

Click play Spore in Steam, game either black screens and crashes with an XP error or simply nothing happens.

Verifying game files which always finds 1 file that needs replaced but seems to replace with another file which also always fails verification.

Also tried deleting various folders etc as suggested by Spore Steam help.

Right click Spore in your Steam Library.
Select Properties from resulting menu.
Click Local Files tab.
Click Browse Local Files
Right click runme.exe
Create short cut to runme.exe and put it on your desktop.

To run Spore and for it to work.

First make sure steam is running and you are signed in.
Second just click the short cut you made and game should load without problems.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How fix, set up, BBC iplayer on Sumvision 10.1" Cyclone Voyager BT tablet.

The problem.

You have the BBC media player app and the BBC iplayer app installed but when you click the iplayer app it launches your browser and you get a page that says that your device is not supported. And/ Or when you try to use the default Android browser or Chrome (which also comes on the device pre- installed) to view the BBC iplayer it appears to work up until when you try and play a video.

What is causing the problem?

There are three identified and conflating problems.

1. The BBC iplayer app currently does not work properly for Android devices with a screen size of over 7.2 inches. The BBC work around of this "temporary" problem is to have the iplayer app launch the iplayer web site via the tablets browser rather than the app itself.

When you first click the iplayer app it will give you a choice of browsers, the default android Browser,  Chrome (unless you have removed the pre- installed Chrome) and any other browsers you may have subsequently installed. Here we are dealing only with the pre- installed browsers that the Sumvision 10.1" Cyclone Voyager BT tablet is shipped with ie Browser and Chrome.

2. Chrome does not work with BBC iplayer. No fix for this here.

3. The default Android Browser will work with BBC iplayer but not with the browsers default settings.

How to fix it.

Firstly don't use Chrome. If you chose Chrome to "always" launch when you click on the iplayer app you need to clear that. Do this by going to system settings/ Device/ Apps/ All/ Chrome/ Launch by default and click "clear defaults".

Secondly you need to change a setting on the default Android browser.

Launch the Android default browser "Browser".

In the address bar type "about:config" without the quotes and hit GO.

Absolutely nothing will appear to happen. However when you then click the three dots in top right corner, then settings, then Advanced you will find that new settings have appeared.

The setting we need to change is "UAString" we need to change it from the factory setting "ipad" to the more appropriate "Android".

All you need to do now is click the BBC iplayer app and when offered the choice of browser select the default browser and click "always". Fixed.

CREDIT paulrw for the browser setting fix.